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Utvalg av grillmat på grill

The Villa Garden

The Villa Garden is a green oasis in the heart of Bergen. The garden was completed in 2017 and is placed in connection to Villa Terminus and its sister hotel Grand Hotel Terminus. The garden is ideal for parties, weddings, concerts, events, and much more. You can also use the garden in combination with Villastuene, or with events at Grand Terminus.

De Bergenske food truck i hagen ved Villa Terminus

Garden parties in the heart of Bergen

For a special experience in the heart of Bergen, you can gather the department or the whole company for a party in the lovely classic garden at Grand Terminus. The garden is ideal for several different events, such as barbecues and concerts. The Villa Garden lies in connection to Terminus Hall and Terminus Forum.

Fasade av Villa Terminus med hageområde.

Wedding in the Garden

Getting married? How about inviting to a wedding party in the beautiful Villa Garden? A wedding ceremony or celebration in the garden creates an amazing setting for your special day. Of course, we are here to help you organizing a specific program that suits you.

It is also possible to have a welcome drink in the garden, and the event in one of our venues in the sister hotel Grand Hotel Terminus.

Bord med oppdekning og rosa rose og kjøkken i bakgrunnen.

Rent the whole Villa?

In connection to events in The Villa Garden or Grand Terminus, it is possible to rent the entire Villa Terminus. There are a total of 18 double rooms. All rooms are individually designed and adapted to reflect the building’s characteristics. There is a private kitchen in Villa Terminus and it is possible to hold parts of the event in Villastuene, which are connected to the kitchen. Our chef serves up delicious dishes for lunch or dinner.