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Dobbeltseng, TV, minibar og stol. Skrivebord og stol. Skråtak med vindu.

Villa rooms

As a guest at Villa Terminus, you have a choice of 18 different-style rooms in a listed heritage building. All rooms are individually designed and adapted to reflect the building’s characteristics.

Unique rooms with literary qualities

Villa Terminus has rooms designed for relaxation, reading and good sleep. Top bed comfort with extra good pillows, a great working spot and a lovely reading chair with excellent reading light.

The hotel houses 18 historic rooms and each room is named after one of 18 authors from Western Norway. We offer an unique stay in delicate rooms where history is present in the smallest detail. It is difficult avoid being influenced by the historic atmosphere of Villa Terminus!

Villa room

High comfort. Unique design. Oblique angles.

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1–2 persons

20–30 kvm



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At Villa Terminus, none of the rooms looks the same. Each room is named after one of 18 authors from Western Norway. Some rooms have low ceilings, a few offer garden views, while others are within easy reach of the library. All rooms are of exclusive design.