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Biblioteket på Villa Terminus med to røde godstoler og to bokhyller.
Skjenk i tre med i oppholdsrom på Villa Terminus

Design hotel in its own class

Tasteful, interesting details

Villa Terminus is a unique and listed building, upgraded with modern details, design and interior.

Relaxing and personal

Limited rooms and comfortable public areas both inside and outside makes your stay really relaxing. At Villa Terminus you can breath out and chill only few minutes away from the hectic life of the city.

Bord med oppdekning og rosa rose og kjøkken i bakgrunnen.

The Kitchen – Informal and cosy

The Kitchen is the first you notice when you enter Villa Terminus. Parts of the ground floor have been dedicated to an ultra-modern kitchen in surroundings packed with history. Welcoming seating area for small groups. A highly versatile space, ideal for intimate social gatherings or corporate functions. The exclusive Villa Garden is right on the doorstep.

Wine tasting? Cookery class? Or just a relaxing evening? We will make arrangements tailored to suit your requirements.

Sittegruppe i Villastuene på Villa Terminus

Villastuene – nice and charming

At Villastuene, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. Here you can relax with freshly brewed coffee while reading today’s newspaper, or just work in peace and quiet. Colleagues, friends and family are also welcome to have a chat here during their stay. You can also use Villastuene for events or breakfast. Perfect for smaller parties or informal corporate gatherings in small- and medium-sized companies.

Bibliotek på Villa Terminus med rød godstol og bokhylle i lyst tre.

The library – a place to find peace and quiet

Grab a book, and snuggle up in one of our comfortable chairs. We would like to offer our guests the opportunity to explore the literary heritage of Western Norway. In the most beautiful room on the first floor, with stunning mountain views, you will find a library with books in Norwegian as well as English.

This is the ideal place to familiarise yourself with Bergen via literature. Besides the library, books by a local author are available in every single room. Each room is dedicated to one of 18 different authors selected in collaboration with Bergen Public Library. The books are free to borrow during your stay, and can also be purchased at a fixed price of NOK 300 (please notify reception on check-out). Topics like Nordic design, famous people from Bergen, recommended trips in the area, and Bergen’s heritage sites are also covered. In a small children’s section, you will find comic books from Bergen (Pondus).

List of authors

Gunnar Staalesen Amalie Skram Jon Fosse Ludvig Holberg Olav H. Hauge Torborg Nedreaas Tomas Espedal Erling T. Gjelsvik Stig Holmås Ingrid Lønnebotn Chris Tvedt Ragnar Hovland Frode Grytten Nordahl Grieg Georg Johannessen Olav Nygard Cecilie Løveid Kjartan Fløgstad.